Gesture control is a new technology introduced in cars which might seem pretty unnecessary but can actually get pretty interesting if used for the right functions at the right times. The applications of gesture technology is pretty limited but the effort put in to install such a feature in cars is pretty appreciable. It provides ease in comfort and an added safety to the passengers. Here are the six cars which offer gesture control technology which you check out if you take a test drive in these.

2016 BMW 7 Series

BMW was the first company to introduce gesture technology in its luxury cars segment. In 2016, BMW launched the 7 series which featured the brand’s gesture control technology. It could perform several in-car functions like volume control, call answering and declining, around-view parking functionality, AC control and more carefully selected features. Even though the first launch was not their instant success, they have been upgrading their back end for better functioning.

2017 Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Jaguar is undoubtedly one of the best competitors in luxury car segments. But this time JLR invested in something they called human-machine-interface(HMI). In 2017, JLR launched Jaguar XF Sportbrake which became their first vehicle to feature hand gesture control. It has an automatic sunroof which opens and closes with a wave of your hand. Although it is not as simple as pushing a button, it offers a superhuman feel to the passengers, which is pretty entertaining.

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Mercedes took their time to work on their own secret technology and waited until they had the whole year for themselves. In 2018, they introduced a hand gesture-controlled infotainment system. It features gesture control scrolling and browsing on the inbuilt screen, which performed functions like volume control, AC control, and GPS browsing.

2015 SEAT Ibiza

SEAT’s was way ahead of its competitors when they collaborated with Samsung to connect their car features to not hand gestures but finger gestures. The touchscreen offered infotainment service is available in Leon, Alhambra, Toledo, and Ibiza models. They even went a step ahead to make the latter models affordable to their customers.

2016 VW Golf

Volkswagen has always introduced great features in their cars, and they always keep their eyes on the trends, so they do not miss anything. With their 2016 VW Golf, they introduced their first Discover Navigation system which featured browsing gestures over the play screen so you can surf through the menu and play your favourite music without touching anything.

2013 Ford Escape/Kuga

Not many knew that manufacturers have been working on handsfree technologies for years now. Way before any car manufacturer introduced hand gesture. Ford was already implementing it in their 2013 Escape and Kuga models. The cars had a handsfree boot opening which was operated either by Keyless entry or gesture control. The cars required you to swing your foot under the bumper to open the boot. It was a good solution to those whose hands are not free.