The smartest security camera for your car

Caruma Cam is an all-in-one security camera system designed to help you keep an eye on your car from wherever you are. When Caruma Cam detects movement, it’ll send your phone an instant notification with HD video and audio. Caruma Cam lets you see what’s happening in and outside your car so you can and take action.

Makes you an even better driver than you already are

Caruma Cam’s state-of-the-art cameras and sensors capture information that delivers the kind of road intelligence you need to drive smarter. Our cloud network and powerful apps provide you with the insights you need to make safer and more efficient driving decisions.

Two wide angle cameras – one facing in and one facing out

Now you can capture that falling meteor that came out of nowhere, that spontaneous car karaoke, or even that fender bender that just occurred. With Caruma Cam, you can record the full story and instantly upload video clips to your favorite social media site.

Fast, powerful, and reliable mobile connectivity

Caruma Cam turns your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can provide back seat entertainment or create a mobile office. Connect multiple devices at 4G LTE speeds that are comparable or faster than home Internet service. Go ahead – stream movies, music, and more.