What if we could work together to create innovative technology that matters. Caruma’s Developer Program gives you access to Caruma’s API and some of the insights we’ve gained. Together we can create a new kind of connected car experience.

Caruma’s Developer Program isn’t about simply connecting with our ecosystem. This is about working behind the scenes to anticipate people’s needs, customizing the user experience, and connecting them to their favorite people, places and things. And with Caruma’s Developer Program, we’re providing the tools to make that a reality.

Inside Caruma’s API.

Caruma’s products are designed to interact with people and their cloud-connected cars. Using machine learning algorithms to analyze patters, ours learn from our users. And now with Caruma’s API, we’re letting you leverage what our products can do. By giving you access to various functions, we’re giving you the tools you need to build interesting and meaningful integrations. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. So go for it. Build away!

Promote your hardware accessory or app with our certified Made for Caruma licensed logo. Made for Caruma logos communicate to customers that a hardware or software accessory has been designed to connect specifically to Caruma, and has been certified by the developer to meet Caruma’s performance standards.

Tools and Support Each Step of the Way.

With the Caruma Developer Program, we’re providing all the tools and support you need to start building across iOS, Android, and the web. Our API servers use secure protocols to communicate with Caruma in real-time. For authorization and authentication, we use the industry standards OAuth2.0 and SSL. Ready to get started? Our API documentation, code samples and testing tools will get you up and coding quickly.