Accurate Reflection of Risk

If insurance companies had the data, it would be easy for them to customize rates based on where you drive, how often, how far, and how well you drive. That’s why we’ve partnered with leading insurance companies. Find your insurer and get started.

Prove Your Driving Habits & Skills

Caruma Cam’s can provide your insurance company proof that you’re an excellent driver. It can provide an average speed for any given month and provide context for why you had to hit the break hard or why you swerved.

Track Actual Miles & Usage

Today, you’re paying for 365 days of driving – even if you only use your car on the weekends. Your premium also assumes you drive a certain number of miles. Caruma Cam’s Dynamic Monitoring and Performance Scoring Services allows you to provide your insurance company with the trip history needed to prove exactly how many miles you drive during a given month, how often, and what time of day you do most of your driving.