There have been numerous aspects of technology that has tested our potential to the right extent. We utilise them for various purposes, as they are capable of making our lives better in so many ways. One among these purposes has to be for monitoring since it ensures the safety and protection of humans all around the world. One of the recent ones to join this field of innovation is Caruma Cam. So, to brief you about the same here’s all that you need to know about Caruma Cam.

A Brief Introduction

Caruma Cam is an innovative connected car camera that comes with dual-high definition cameras, classic sensors and wireless technology that integrates your smartphone. By doing so, it stands to be updated with things and keeps an eye on your travel. The people behind this technology have clearly stated the purpose and the world seems to be liking it.


Coming to the part of specifications, Caruma has Dual HD cameras that capture images using wide-angle glass lenses. Other than that, the device also comes with motion sensors that protect your car when it is parked. It also comes with GPS, helping you through different locations. The availability of the speaker goes a long way in providing audio feedback whenever necessary. With all this, one might wonder about the battery. But you need not get puzzled because it recharges even when the car is off.

Monitoring and Uses

As mentioned earlier, Caruma clicks all the points when it comes to the aspects of being safe and secure. The moment, your car rings the alarm, you will be notified with an instant message, regardless of whether it is parked or on the go. This added benefit is found to be soothing for all individuals, as they are alert whenever the time comes. Apart from that, Caruma can also gives you a complete view about all that is happening inside your car and out. For this purpose, it records visual evidence. So the moment something goes wrong, you will get a notification from Caruma.




The Scope for Improvement

Other than the general set of notifications, Caruma also gives you the right kind of feedback. Based on your driving skills, Caruma evaluates and displays points for improvement. With the help of the Caruma Mobile app, you will get a better understanding about your driving, as it tries to enhance the overall experience. It also goes a step further and lets you record and share video, thanks to its dual-high definition cameras and 4G LTE cellular. Although driving is a fun activity, there are numerous reasons why you need to be cautious. Thanks to Caruma Cam, you have help.